Powerboat Level 2 Combined

RYA Essential Navigation

Price - £99.00

RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship is a fully online course ideal for anyone interested in getting out on the water - from RIBs and personal water craft to diving and sea angling … and everything else in between! This course offers an introduction to the essential knowledge needed when you’re afloat. Concepts such as tide or weather are just as important to kayakers or jet skiers, as they are to someone on a sailing yacht.

RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship is a fully online course ideal for anyone interested in getting out on the water - from RIBs and personal water craft to diving and sea angling … and everything else in between!

This course offers an introduction to the essential knowledge needed when you’re afloat. Concepts such as tide or weather are just as important to kayakers or jet skiers, as they are to someone on a sailing yacht – as they can affect the enjoyment of anyone’s day on the water. This course also gives you a basic understanding of navigation, safety and general seamanship.

RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship is an online course. It’s easy to use, fun, and an interactive way of learning the essential skills to get you started on the water. As the course is delivered online, you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or office. There is also no exam at the end, so you will be under no pressure to demonstrate your learning under exam conditions.
No experience required.
Instructor Ratio
You will be assigned a dedicated RYA Yachtmaster Instructor to answer your questions.
Duration8 hours of online study with no exam at the end.
Charts, publications and terms
Electronic navigation
Rules of the road
Weather forecasts
Passage planning
Ability after
The course offers an introduction to the basic navigation and seamanship skills required before spending time afloat. It will also enable you to confidently consider approaching your Day Skipper theory qualification where these and other subjects are taught at a more in depth level.

RYA Powerboat Level 2

Price - £240.00

RYA Powerboat Level 2 is a popular entry level course that provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat at speed and in close quarters. It also enables the holder to obtain an International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

​Courses are held on our Highfield 6m RIBs, (new 2020 & 2021).

This two-day course is based at our training facilities in Swanwick Marina, where you will spend most of the first morning. Once out on the water, the busy Hamble River provides ample opportunity to practice close quarters boat handling and we’re minutes away from the central Solent where driving at planing speed and high-speed manoeuvers can be taught in open water. You will also focus on man overboard recovery, and cover the collision regulations as they apply to powerboats.

Powerboat Level 2 is an excellent confidence-builder. Whether you’re planning to do high speed day trips with friends, or simply exploring rivers further upstream with the kids, this course equips you with skills and knowledge needed to be safe and have a good time out on the water in a powerboat.

No experience required.
A basic understanding of navigation will be very helpful to you during this course. We recommend the RYA Essential Navigation theory course which you can do online prior your practical powerboat course.
Instructor Ratio
Maximum 3:1
Duration2 days, usually from 09.00 to 17.00
  • Use of a trailer or launching trolley
  • Consideration of launching and sea conditions, including hazards and obstructions
  • Number of persons required to launch/recover
  • Construction, width and condition of slipway
  • Steep/slippery slipways, beach launching, lee shores
  • Care of trailer bearings, hitch, lashings, ties, lights and winch
  • Trailer parking
  • Prepare the boat, lines, fenders, safety equipment, fuel tanks, lines and secure gear on board
Ability after
You will be able to handle a powerboat and have fun on the water whilst being aware of your own limitations and those of your craft.

RYA Short-Range Certificate (SRC) VHF Radio

Price - £49.99

Who would raise the alarm in a distress situation on board your boat? What if the skipper was unable to? The Short Range Certificate (SRC) is a minimum legal requirement for every British flagged vessel voluntarily fitted with a radio. It’s also an essential and informative qualification for anyone who enjoys boating so that they can use a marine radio fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) functionality. 

A radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board and it is vital to understand the correct procedures. You will learn how to use VHF/DSC radios in day-to-day routine situations – such as booking a marina berth or calling friends on board their boat. A large part of the course is also spent familiarising you with radio procedures during distress, safety and urgent situations – from making a DSC/Mayday call to reporting a container floating in the shipping lanes.

As described above, the course is split into two distinctive separate sections:

Part 1 Complete the RYA SRC/VHF Radio operator course online - 6-8 hours.

Part 2 Complete practical radio operation and theory exam.

The final exam which includes a short theory paper and practical exercises using a DSC equipped radio set takes about 1 hour to complete and must take place at an RYA Recognised Training School . You can sit this exam at our training facility based in Swanwick Marina on the river Hamble.

We always have a range of dates available and can also be arranged at a time to suit your diary requirements at our training center in Swanwick, Southampton.
3 hours of self-study before the course details of which will be included in the pack we send after you order.
Instructor Ratio
DurationOnline Study follwed by short practical exam.
  • Background information on the GMDSS system and its equipment and licensing requirements
  • Radio rules and regulations
  • Operation of marine VHF equipment including DSC functions
  • The phonetic alphabet
  • Basic radio language and protocols including pro words such as over, say again, out etc.
  • Correct use of the various channels
  • How to make calls to other stations
  • How to send a Distress Alert and Distress Message (Mayday)
  • How to send an urgency alert and a safety call
Ability after
To have the confidence and qualifications needed to use a marine radio, both in routine and emergency situations.
Total Individual Price:£388 Combined Price:£338

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With your progression as our priority, we have chosen to impose a maximum of 3 students for every course held on board one of our boats. This best practice approach to our service gives you with more time with the instructor and more time practicing your skills. It also enables you and your instructor to focus on any weaknesses ... and you'll have a cabin to yourself!

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Our training facilities in Swanwick Marina provide small groups with the perfect environment to study and learn. The room is well-equipped with full audio/visual, a large whiteboard, and plenty of space to spread our your charts. We'll also look after you during your time with us, as refreshments are included with every course, and decent coffee on tap!

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Our exclusive 'SailingCourseOnline' portal offers an advanced way to learn at your own pace wherever you are, and works seamlessly across desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The content was specifically written to be read on a screen, with bite-sized modules, clean graphics and animations. Our team of shorebased instructors are on hand whenever you need them, and as they're additionally RYA Yachtmaster Instructors and examiners, they provide fast and knowledgeable assistance whatever your query.

Highfield RIBs

All our Powerboat training courses are delivered on our exceptionally maintained Highfield Patrol RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) which operate well at speed and close quarters maneouvres.

Once you have learnt to drive a RIB you can get access to Urban Truant's Urban Truant RIB Club.

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Urban Truant's 41 foot yachts are equipped and furnished with training and chartering in mind. Our yachts are well-maintained and no expense is spared for all of our gear and safety equipment. We also take your comfort seriously... You'll have space to savour downtime with your own cabin and 240v sockets when connected to shorepower. Marina fees are always included with an Urban Truant experience, and enjoy complimentary use of our  lifejackets and wet weather gear.


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